What a journey we walk!

Salmon, Idaho -- Sacajawea's birthplace.

Salmon, Idaho — Sacajawea’s birthplace.

EPIC FILM IN DEVELOPMENT AT SPIRIT WIND FILMS — Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea.

It’s a trek that is, at times, nearly as adventurous as the Corps of Discovery. We have always chosen to take the road that leads us to authenticity and accuracy, a strong foundation, and making sure Sacajawea is honored and her story protected to the highest degree.

This film deserves to be an epic production and we continue to make the decisions necessary for that to happen. The Windcatcher team is devoted and passionate to not only Sacajawea and her story, but also to Native languages, cultural preservation, and providing internships for Native young people.

Our team of advisers include Native American and Sacajawea experts, liaisons with the tribes, language experts, Lewis and Clark historians, Foundation officials, authors and scholars. It is a distinguished group of professionals who have been devoted over the years to our efforts. Some have provided powerful recommendations and supporting quotes to stand behind this production.

We are very fortunate to be moving closer to pre-production as we know everyone is excited and eager for this film to soon be on the big screen.

While some have had different ideas over the course of this journey, we have always committed, no matter what, to a unique perspective for this production: to stick to the history we know and rely on culture, tradition and her spirit to capture the rest, and give her a voice. That takes tenacity, it takes the right mix of people and passion, it takes a synergy that is called together in the right timing and the right way. And, we are getting there — we are ready to soar in 2016!

Thank you for you encouragement and inspiration!

JOURNEY of a Windcatcher, Documentary

Journey small logo“There is a journey within the journey and the dream is part of our calling.” ~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

This is a story of hope — while Sacajawea’s life seems a tragedy, it is what’s happening in the “today” that is her true calling.  The journey we have embarked on is one of discovery.  Discovery of where we have come from and where we are going, as a people.

In the bringing of Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea, to film — we have realized what an amazing path we’ve been on.  JOURNEY of a Windcatcher will help us see the power of Spirit and how it goes beyond what we understand to reveal a better place.  This documentary will share our awakening and our quest.

It truly is all about the journey, listening and learning, then daring to tell the story that is old, yet new.