JOURNEY of a Windcatcher, Documentary

Journey small logo“There is a journey within the journey and the dream is part of our calling.” ~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

This is a story of hope — while Sacajawea’s life seems a tragedy, it is what’s happening in the “today” that is her true calling.  The journey we have embarked on is one of discovery.  Discovery of where we have come from and where we are going, as a people.

In the bringing of Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea, to film — we have realized what an amazing path we’ve been on.  JOURNEY of a Windcatcher will help us see the power of Spirit and how it goes beyond what we understand to reveal a better place.  This documentary will share our awakening and our quest.

It truly is all about the journey, listening and learning, then daring to tell the story that is old, yet new.


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